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Healthy & Humane Interiors

Sustainable. Non-Toxic. Cruelty-Free. Wellness.

Marie Roviello, Inc., is a full-service interior design firm in Los Angeles, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in interior design and space planning for commercial and residential properties.

Hi! I’m Marie.

INterior Designer. eco & ethical professional. WELLNESS JUNKIE.

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Hello. I’m Marie Roviello, an interior designer turned lifestyle designer. I’m obsessed with everything non-toxic, superfood, high-vibe, personal growth, #noplastic and #vegan to save us and the planet. Why? I’ve had chronic illnesses that went undetected by doctors for years. I became a detective reading every label and making cleaner choices. I believe that our outer environment is a reflection of our inner environment on many levels. I’m also a research bug and want to know what’s in all of my products from furniture to cosmetics to food. You name it, I’m on it!

My purpose is to create beautifully designed spaces that are also good for our wellbeing. I’m passionate about helping women appreciate their true nature and essence, step out of the rigid box that has them designed into a same-same corner, create high frequency and healing space, and into their power.

I’ve created some resources for you to browse in my Healthy and Humane tabs (keep scrolling). Thanks for stopping by! It’s an honor to have you here.

I've combined my passion, experience and education to create beautiful spaces that are good for your well-being. I learn something new with every project. The best compliment I received from a client was "design and integrity is not something you do, it's who you are." For that I am truly grateful. 


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Let's create the construction drawings required for your renovation. Our philosophy is that the interior is an extension of the exterior and the two should become inseparable. In our opinion, that's what makes for great design!

Interior Design

Let's work to create a beautiful home or office because your space should be a reflection of your vision. We cover everything on the interior of any building from construction drawings for permit purposes down to the last piece of hardware on your cabinets and doors!


Let's approach the health in your environment to include seven concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind. Let's work with our experts to reduce mold and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), which can cause health problems. 

"Biophilia Definition: The love of nature and all living things. We are genetically programmed to interact with nature."

Included are:

  • Eco-friendly products ranging from foundation to insulation, interior and exterior wall finishes, flooring, and countertop materials

  • Air and water quality testing

  • Daylight and circadian rhythms

  • Non-toxic design and product alternatives: We work with you to prioritize and recommend products (even cleaning products), furniture, hard surfaces, and materials to help reduce toxins in your environment.

  • Cruelty-free, Vegan design: Leather and fabric alternatives that reflect your compassionate values and sense of style.

  • Ancient practices such as Feng Shui, crystals, sound healing, and Vastu Shastra to name a few, to assist the flow of energy in a space.



Why design healthier?

Our environment is changing how we live, our views, and our food. We spend 90% of our time indoors. We are stressed out and unhealthy. So is our planet. Our homes and offices are full of chemicals and toxins that are proven to cause disease and dis-ease. Imagine reducing these concerns and getting a new lease on life. Discover how to use evidence-based medical and scientific research to harness the built environment as a vehicle to support human health, well-being and comfort. Below, you'll find videos and articles to help you understand how thousands of synthetic chemicals are in everything that surrounds us and what you can do about it.

– Marie Roviello


VIDEO: A major wakeup call about dangerous chemicals in our environment, furniture, food, and even children's toys.


VIDEO: Sean Penn narrates the documentary trailer, "The Human Experiment"  that talks about how we've been affected by low level chemical exposure over the decades. 


If you could save 1 billion animals per year by switching to cruelty-free options, would you?

Cruelty-free refers to products that do not use or harm animals, meaning no wool, fur, leather, silk, feathers, down, or exotic skins. We often think of vegan or faux leather when we think of cruelty-free options, but it encompasses much more than vegan leather.

Over 10 million cows are slaughtered every year for leather alone and that's the tip of the iceberg. The leather industry also effects the environment, polluting rivers and fish, with chemicals and pollutants used to process skins in tanneries around the world. On the other hand, while it’s easy to understand what vegan leather is not—animal product—understanding what it is can be tricky because most are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl.

We can help conserve the planet and spare animals. There are beautiful, natural, animal-friendly leather and fabric alternatives that are recyclable, biodegradable, chemical-free and versatile.

I will help you sort through a multitude of information to create a healthy environment that reflects your compassionate values and sense of style.

Let's make kinder choices.

- Marie Roviello


ARTICLE: India's toxic price of leather

VIDEO: Replacement leather made from mushrooms

VIDEO: Man-Made Spider Silk

Frequently Asked Q&A:


Most consumers are led to believe that leather is merely a by-product of the meat industry, and therefore humane since the animal is already dead. Right? Wrong. Animal skins are an industry unto itself.


3-10 times more energy is used to create a leather good than vegan (PVC) leather.


Formaldehyde, acids, chromium, cyanide, sulfur and more than 30 other toxic chemicals are used to treat leather in tanneries. These tanneries pollute nearby rivers and fish.


Cows, kangaroos, rabbits, pigs, seals, and even dogs and cats are used for leather. 


Easy clean up, durable, scratch-resistant, endless colors, allergy-free options


Vegan leathers made of PVC (vinyl) are made from oil and chlorine, are not degradable or biodegradable, but are 100% recyclable. 



"Marie's attention to detail and 'sensitivity of space' is very impressive."

Howard Laks, AIA, Howard Laks Architects, Santa Monica, CA

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“I find Marie Roviello is a highly motivated charismatic person with great design sense. In my experience with her as a member of the Santa Monica Design District a woman of exceptional energy with considerable abilities, as well as a talent for team building. She has great style as well.”

- Mark Robinson, Owner, Boffi Los Angeles, CA

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"Marie has been an excellent designer and more importantly collaborator/team member on several projects. I highly recommend her for a pleasant and creative experience." 

- David Henderson, Henderson Construction, Los Angeles, CA

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"Marie provided a good balance of creative insight and cutting-edge design with practicality and awareness of my budget. She managed the contractors, kept my renovation project under control and delivered a fantastic end product. Bravo, Marie."

- Former client, John Piano, Founder and CEO, Transplant Connect, Santa Monica, CA


"Marie is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. Her objective is clearly to assist her client's efforts in achieving the best results.

- Merhrnoosh Mojallali, AIA, Association for Women in Architecture + Design, Past President, Los Angeles

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“With polished professionalism, an uncanny eye for style & design, and a warm, personable demeanor, Marie quickly became a key player in the Santa Monica Design District, an organization consisting of showrooms dedicated to promoting Santa Monica as a destination for high-quality modern design. Despite the high demands of her job, which she managed gracefully under pressure, Marie was not only willing to take on additional responsibilities to support the Santa Monica Design District, but she also did so in a consistently grounded, organized, and detail-driven manner. She instantly garnered a respected reputation as a dependable, self-motivated & team-oriented member, who made numerous invaluable contributions to the organization. Marie was truly an all around delight to work with, and I continue to hold her in the highest regard.”

- Lauren Dolinsky, Marketing Director, Neoporte Inc., Los Angeles

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"I've photographed Marie Roviello and watched her while she worked. I found her attention to detail and sensitivity to space impressive. She brings warmth, architectural creativity and intelligence to her projects and becomes an advocate for her clients. She will certainly go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection. Her aesthetic is grounded by her architectural background, leaning towards a very clean, elegant, and classic design within every style. Her passion or "brand" is one of timelessness which is a reflection of her character. Marie helps to blend her client's needs, design, and vision in refining and shaping their environment and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a professional."

- Claudio Santini, Architectural Photographer, Los Angeles

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"I was one of Marie's instructors when she attended SCI-Arc, the school of which I was one of the original founding faculty members, and have maintained a friendship with her over the years. I have been consistently impressed with Marie's professional demeanor and the enthusiasm with which she approaches her projects of any scale and am not surprised by the positive impression she has left with her clients. And, she has a warm personality and positive outlook which I believe help her establish a good working professional relationship with them. Finally, I am impressed by her portfolio that reflects her ability to design projects varied in style, from eclectic to modernist, and all with good aesthetic sensibilities." 

- Bill Simonian, AIA, Co-Founder, SCI-Arc


"Marie is enthusiastic, curious and dedicated -- always eager to explore and push herself as far as she could."

- Ron McCoy, Architect, University Faculty, Princeton University

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"Marie was a delight to work with, prompt, friendly, creative, and ran a tight ship. Design is not something Marie does, it's who she is. In addition, she managed to save me $14,000 on kitchen cabinets from her sources for the same exact cabinets I planned to purchase through a showroom. I highly recommend her for your project."

- Former Client, Charles Black Sr., Los Angeles

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"She is a dedicated individual that conducts herself in a professional manner in the work arena, and has built great relationships with clients as well as owner representatives.  Additionally, her inherent design ability was always at work producing quality drawings and details that were easily read and understood. Her creative ability was invaluable in helping develop our design solutions. She always went the extra mile to learn more about the type of project she was involved in designing. Marie is a quality performer".

- Charles Almack, Architect, AIA, Principal, Interior Architecture

"Marie's professional enthusiasm plus her organized and technical approach to design makes her a great asset."

- Virginia Ball, President, VB Designs (Four Seasons Aviara Collaboration)

"She is passionate about design and architecture which she brings into her work. Her skills and her positive attitude are outstanding as a team player and she loves the hands on craft of making architecture."

- Michele Saee, Owner, Saee Studio

"I have found Marie to be very professional and motivated in everything she undertakes. Her design work is outstanding. She demonstrates strong abilities and work ethics. I admire her passion for design as well as her constant efforts to achieve the best results."

- Lincoln Chung, Architect, AIA

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.43.10 PM.png

“I would describe Marie Roviello as someone who has exquisite taste combined with a great eye for design & planning…someone with pizzazz.”

- Jet Prudencio, Director of Int’l. Sales, The Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

"Marie demonstrates advanced skills in problem solving and design. Her strong points include: in-depth thoughts in sketch form allowing her to conceptualize and problem solve, depth of content in her design solutions, an excellent sense of creativity, with a realistic approach towards specific projects, advanced technical skills, and the ability to meet tight deadlines."

- Linda Walters, Architect, AIA


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